Come See What I Have Found

I belong to a religous cult, we brain wash you into thinking for yourself.

Guides vs. Gurus

The world is filled with charlatans. This is nowhere more true than among the ranks of those who claim to be cut of a different cloth than the monoculture. Ask them where they buy their cloth, because unless they make their own, its all coming from the same mills in China. The world is populated with false claims of originality and your original ideas will be crushed by someone claiming to have the authority to do such actions. Many claim to seek freedom, but pursue instead authority. The true teacher never seeks to control the process of discovery but rather to encourage it. The true teacher shares their discoveries, but protects them if need be. Your Grandparent showing you a bird’s nest is an apt metaphor. A gentle guide on the path of knowledge.

It is important to have guides or else we never grow. More important than having guides is becoming a guide. As I age I am becoming  convinced that this is why we exist at all. Not to become a master in whatever specialized niche that some sales guru has convinced one is the latest sales generator or to be the world’s leading authority of obscure occult practices of pre-atlantean blah-blah, but to be divine. How does one become divine? By being humane.

Seems too simple to be real doesn’t it? The truth though is that by being human, acknowledging our simple connections, and being kind and genorous in our nature we transcend our selves and become divine. Why is this important, because the alternative is to keep others from their divinity.

A guru’s job is to convince others that they possess secrets that can only be had at a cost. Gurus monopolize knowledge for self promotion. Now understand, I am not defining Hindu teachers or the traditional gurus, I am using modern American vernacular. An example is the computer guru who lords their knowledge over others. This type of person is not interested in elevating anyone, this person is afraid of lifting others up. This is the professor who teaches strictly from the book and obstructs others from a place of fear. Competition is healthy.

Finding Your Path

What is the right path for one to follow? The answer to that question is simple but let me rearrange the question. If one were lost, what is the best path home? The answer is the path that gets you home. Now this is assuming you are lost in the first place. What if one is not lost? What if is one is where they are supposed to be? Unfortunately no one knows that until they leave. This is my one warning; magic will destroy you. It will open up wonderful vistas and show you worlds beyond your imagination, but first it will  destry you. My recommendation is to study alchemy  first, whether you become an alchemist or not, understanding the process will help you navigate your breakdown and rebirth. Next I would recommend Tarot. Once you begin to understand the story of your souls evolution then you are ready to speak to your ancestors and create sigils, potions, talismans and otherwise bend reality to your will.

First you must decide why you want take this path. Many have failed on this path. Many have lost their mind on this path. So why would one choose this path? One reason many cite is that they were called, the piper’s call is indeed enticing. These are the ones who have always known they were different from the others. Then there are those who seek power outside of the normal means. Watch these types they have morals and such. Not that one must be immoral to walk this path, more that one should be amoral. Above judgment and judging. To judge is to assume that one knows. Knows what is best for others, for the planet, society, the Gods, etc., there is a quite a bit of presumption in that frame of mind. Best to just avoid it.

Most things do best with the least amount of tampering, however being human is to be a tamperer. We among all creatures love to tamper. We tamper with one another, we tamper with the environment, we tamper with the building blocks of reality. Is this bad or wrong? Not necessarily as long as we accept responsibility for such shenanigans. Just as most things prefer not to be tampered with so they are likewise armed to protect themselves from tampering. Teeth, claws, nuclear fission explosions are all anti-tampering defense mechanisms. In order to succeed as humans we must tamper. All of successful civilization is the result of cautious  tampering.  To find ones path, one must tamper. Go forth and tamper.

Benefits of Mutation

Just as most things resist tampering this leads to entropy. To counter entropy, Universe in all its wisdom has devised what we humans call negentropy or mutation. Some mutations don’t work out, whereas others are the building blocks of evolution. Funny thing about humans and mutation, we are the only creature that seem to be so obesessed about from where we came. Whether it’s Australopithecus or Goetic Grimoires we cannot seem to get enough of our past and are completely frightened of our future.

This is the central theme of the entire X-Men story arc. We are afraid of that into which we are evolving. And why wouldn’t we be afraid, every drastic change redefines what it means to be human. Unfortunately this inevitable and will happen whether we willfully participate in the process or not. I for one favor willful evolution. Mutation at will is the core of all my magic. That is why I call myself the Mutant Mage.  The blending of Magic, Science, Psychology, and Evolution;  that is the crux of Mutant Magery. I have been struggling to remind my self of that. Here I am again at the beginning, only this time I invite you to join me. The past is settled only the future is ours to make. Look what I have found, an unshaped world full of possibility waiting for us, the Mutant Mages to shape it.



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