The Year of the Sacred Heart Pt 2


What can I say about this year that has not already been said? Quite a bit actually. In part one of my review of the year, I discussed briefly my personal alchemical transformation, in this part I want delve more into the poetry and mythology. I will also discuss where this journey has lead and is leading.

The Vision

I first had a vision of the Sacred Heart when I was about 8 or 9. I had seen the image before, but the vision came when I was sick with a high fever. A cloaked woman came to me and told me I would be okay and one day my words would help others to heal. She held up a flaming heart in her hands, and it grew until I couldn’t see anything else. Then I became one with it; my fever had broken.

This is the first vision of the Sacred Heart I remember and even though I was not raised a Catholic; I was raised in an environment permeated by Catholicism, both orthodox and folk style. In East Texas it has a decidedly French aesthetic, but Central, South, and West Texas belong to Mexican and Spanish Catholicism. So the imagery of Catholicism has surrounded me my whole life and although some of my relatives are Catholic, I was not raised in the church. I learned back alley Folk Catholicism, mostly from Hispanic Neighbors, definitely more Santeria/Curandera than Orthodox. Despite all that I was not aware of the meaning of the Sacred Heart as a symbol of mystical union with the divine until religous studies as an adult. I had always interpreted it as a symbol of the poetic capacity. This where I was at when I adopted it as the symbol for 2016.

The Poets Heart

To make art, to write poetry, to be a sacred artist, to craft magic, these are acts that require one to be in communion with one’s soul. This is a mystical connection that is brought about by union with the divine. The heart of a poet is the heart of a warrior. As Alejandro Jodoworsky says,  “I am an artist, you understand? For me, a picture is like poetry. When you make art, this is not coming from an intellectual place. It’s coming from the deep side of unconscious, your soul.”

The year, 2016, tested everyone. Many celebrities and artists crossed over, among them several influential musician/poets. In the circles I travel the two most important were probably David Bowie and Leonard Cohen. They were living embodiments of the spirit of the Sacred Heart as a metaphor for union with the divine. Bowie was the Star Man who invited us to be more than the little boxes into which our daily lives tried to squeeze us. Cohen was a man of the earth who reminded us that anywhere we stood was Holy Ground. That is the ultimate secret of the Sacred Heart in my mind; once you have made mystical union with the divine every and everything is Holy even the profane. The example set by the lives of Cohen and Bowie is one of( taking on life by your own terms even when dangerous. To be open hearted and compassionate during  difficult times means one must be comfortable with being vulnerable. Vulnerability requires a strength that only a union with the divine can sustaìn and nurture. To cleave oneself open for all the world to see. This is magic and art on the edge.

Bleeding Out

Exposure. Risk. Identity. We have come a long way in our collective battle to be free from prejudice and hatred, only to have the Presidential election in the US and Brexit remind us that we still have a way to go. After my alchemical transformation through the Sacred Heart I have come to believe that these threats are just Phantom Menaces, more fear of the Big Bad Wolf than lupine maximus himself. As Young the Giant says in “Somethingto Believe In”

“I’ll give you something to believe in
Burn up a basement full of demons
Realize you’re a slave to your mind, break free
Now give me something to believe in”

Here I am stripped down naked before the Lord and I find that which really motivates me is not fear, but LOVE. Love Divine. Love of body modification, love of monsters, love of the black, and these are the things that will carry me forward.

I have spent the last few years reaquainting myself with occult philosphy, folk magic techniques, and doers and shakers of all types. I have discovered a few things, strengthened some very old vows and uncovered my essential core. As the new year approaches, I have decided to stop bleeding out. To heal old festering wounds. Take responsibility for myself and my actions both on exoteric and esoteric levels. To become my own Dr. Frankenstein.

Rocket Surgery

So 2017 will be the year of Rocket Surgery. I will go into this more thoroughly later, but for now suffice it to say that this will entail using my most time tested techniques, combined with new technology to reach heights of magical reality previously unattainable. Not because I have achieved godlike abilities, but because I am cultivating monk like humility. I have become filled with a renewed sense of wonder much like a child but tempered with the wisdom of nearly 50 years of life. I will be introducing a divination system based on the Five Crowns deck and travelling about to discover new spirits of place. All the while this blog will be my magical travelogue chronicling my adventures. Rocket Surgery, healing through technology, travel, and absurdity.

Plant your feet in the mycorrhozia, spread your astral wings, engage the Sacred Heart and blast off into the Outer Realms, Mutant Mage.



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