Every night this week it has been at least Ninety Five degrees Fahrenheit at Nine p.m. I grew up in Texas so I have always dealt with heat, nothing new there, but the part of Central Texas where I live now is slowly changing. Not just the desertification of the environment, but even the spirits are changing. The local spirits and the spirits of the overall culture. I have been witness to and participant in this transformation. I suspect what I am experiencing is just the beginning and that an acceleration of the process is about to happen. Fire has a way of changing all that it touches, and these flames are growing higher by the minute.



Today is July 22nd the Feast day of St. Mary Magdalene, she has just been elevated by Pope Francis. Before today this was just a memorial, most importantly to my mind is the fact that he did this with a Papal Decree titled “Apostolorum Apostola” or Apostle of the Apostles. He did not just elevate St. Mary Magdalene, he elevated the status of women everywhere.Archbishop Arthur Roche, secretary of the congregation, wrote St. Mary Magdalene’s feast day is a call for all Christians to “reflect more deeply on the dignity of women, the new evangelization and the greatness of the mystery of divine mercy.”

In the days to come it will be very important to remember that regardless of your path. Ill winds are blowing and the dignity of women, of people of color, and those who speak for Non-Human People will be tested. The greatness of the mystery of divine mercy might be hard to see as we enter a period of seeming darkness and destruction. That is how Saturn likes to present itself as it transits through Sagittarius, but we must be cautious, with Saturn, a desire to gain control is present, through our belief systems, by imposing our ideas on others. Look around there are plenty of examples of this in the world. What we are really called on to do is define structures and commit to them. In a world of instant gratification and Amazon prime and wine, we often feel confined by structure, definitions, and commitment. There is a shift happening and right now it looks as though we are left with nothing but blackened earth and hot ash.

These new structures will be born out of those of us who have eyes to see to share our visions, to help define the new structures and be committed to the process. For many long centuries the world has held up Eve as a symbol of purity and grace, of Virginal Sacristy, when in fact she spread Death where once there was life. Now that flames have come and blackened the world with anger and stupidity, those of us who have always seen through the lies about Lillitu and St Mary Magdalene have an opportunity to correct those mistakes. Being the first to witness the resurrection Mary proclaims life from the place of death; the Tomb. Where I live this can be seen in the stark symbolism of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe merging with and being eclipsed in some places by Santisima Muerte. My belief is that this is not an accident but points to greater currents at work in the world. St Mary Magdalene the Whore has been elevated to same status as the rest of the Apostles, actually she has been called no less than the Apostle of Apostles. We live in interesting times.



We have come to a cultural crossroads where every one of us has become a Monster. Every thing each individual does makes them a suspect, their diet, their politics, their gender and sexuality, and even their brand preferences. So many trivial things have been utilized by the media, politicians, and corporations to separate individuals from one another. divide and conquer is just good business these days. This makes community, true community, free from triviality, a revolutionary act.

As the Mayans predicted, our tools have turned against us. The phone spies on you. Your television knows more about you than your family does. Multiple devices keep us separated even when we are in the same room. That which we love has been perverted to cause us pain, and in the end feel alienated from the world itself. We are all creatures of the underworld now and such we are not allowed to love, only to lust after the next great thing. Learning to be content and to sit still in the moment is  an act of rebellion.

Individualism is heralded as the great achievement of our time. To be successful, one must be strong and isolated; an island. Despite the push for greater individual freedom, more  people find themselves depressed and unhappy. I believe we are missing an important part of life that has been with us for millennia; we are social beings. Constantly being reminded of how we fall short others by our lack of material possessions or consumer goods, pushes into competition that only serves the elite. Eschewing predetermined social norms in favor of humanity is a revolutionary act.

We have entered a time where we must seek the tabula rasa. A place where all possibilities exist simultaneously, an empty space waiting to be filled with the best we have to offer. The bone laid bare. A destination free from the hubris and dross of a system that was never designed for you and me. In this place we reconnect with our mythopoetic reality. Here we will find the Roots that our rootless society needs. We need dreamers, mystics, and poets; sorcerers, witches, and wizards; Reality Engineers, Mutant Mages, creators of culture to craft new myths to carry us forward. Forward into the great cosmic ocean. To have hope for the future is the greatest revolutionary act of them all.



 There is a secret to magic that most witches and sorcerers hide from, it is all illusion. I don’t mean this in the sense of magic being imaginary, although it certainly, or to say that it it is unreal, although by it’s very nature it must be. What I am driving at is something closer to the Hindu concept of Maya. All of reality is comprised of illusion. No matter what you think something”is”, you have only begun to scratch the surface of it’s totality. As we outgrow this planet we must embrace this illusion and open our minds further. The Cosmic must become local.

Whether one believes a creator made the cosmos from dust or that life exists because of cosmic panspermia, one thing is certain we sprang forth from the void. This void is what awaits us on the other side of the veil when we call forth to spirits in the dark of night. Out there is in here. Our Cosmic Mother awaits us, as much as we long to embrace her. This realm of Sacred Fire comes with a caveat though, where we must go is off the map and there be monsters.

As many who have worked with spirits has attested in the past some spirits have teeth. I believe that every first encounter leaves one shaken and disturbed, this is natural. One cannot simply have an experience that challenges all that has been taught over a lifetime and not be disturbed. That perhaps is part of the process, an initiation so to speak. The time has come for a system wide shock to the consciousness. Many factions and forces have resisted this for quite some time, namely from fear, but evolution will not be hampered. We must return to the stars.

The time for Cosmic Witchcraft is upon us, a melding of mad science, psychedelic shamanism, and culture baggage free sorcery. The past is a guidepost, the present a prop, but the future is where our incantations are always aimed. Daemonic entities, the Good Neighbors, Zeti Reticulans, no matter the name they have been pointing to the same conclusion, we are more than we understand. If we simply begin to accept that Universe is far more complicated and magical than anything imagined, perhaps our imaginations will grow right along with our intellect.The dawn of the Mutant mage is upon us, seawater can be converted to energy and our blood is basically seawater. Just as ancient institutions gain new perspectives, and the myths of the industrial age crumble, we must feel the ocean in our soul.

The Cosmic Ocean that stretches above us and beneath us, for  the heavens are the Underworld. We who seek to merge with the darkness must accept our place among the stars. To truly understand the Other and its place in our lives we will become reborn as Other. As above so below.




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