Mi Corazón De Novo

Tabula Rasa

“The extreme clarity of the desert light is equaled by the extreme individuation of desert life forms. Love flowers best in openness and freedom.” ― Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

14789648805_3e3d38aa08_bThe desert more than any other ecosystem I know of encapsulates the spiritual realm. I have been to Cathedrals of Forests and Holy Cave Alcoves, and Sacred Shores, but none of these has inspired the reverential peace and inner stillness like the desert.The desert has a magic all it’s own. Every plant, every animal that exists in the desert is a concentration of the desire and will to live. As much as the ocean and the forest can speak to the soul, the desert is a concentration of soul stuff. It is reflected in the very nature of the desert. The will to live is a reflection of the True Will; a desire to exist against all odds. It is this very spirit that I will embody as I push forward to live a more Heartfelt Experience. I have gone through many trials and tribulations to get to this place, this desert I call home.

I have come to this open and free place to let love bloom. Mine is a heart bursting with the joy of Holy Universe. My soul suffused with the light of the divine. In this Holy Place I have begun again to walk the path of spirit and freedom. In the clean air and under the bright sun I impart on the path of boldness the path of the Sagrado Corazón. I am a Heathen Brujo, Anglo-Germanic by birth, Tejano by culture. I am a Folk Catholic, a Sorceror, and a Trickster. I collect bones and stones, I make jewelry and art, I read Cards and the Stars. This is my newest endeavor and it is my sincere hope that you will find Soul Treasure here, just as I have found in the desert, out past the habitations of men.

Reverential Arts

Part of the reasons for my migration from my old blog to this one are discussed on that blog. The other reasons howeSacred Heart of Jesus Bouasse Lebel 3000ver are financial, later this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. There will be shop for my Soul-inspired Art and Jewelry, as well as an offering of my Card Reading services. I read both Tarot and regular Playing Cards. I do both because they offer different insights and often illuminate each other.

As an initiatory exercise and to get this site going I am offering the three following specials. Get a years worth of Tarot Readings, 12 monthly Celtic Cross spreads, for the low price of $100, that’s less than $10 each. I will only offer this for  30 days, starting January 15th, 2016. I would also like to offer you a Astro-Tarot combo for $35. My technique is as follows; first I do a natal chart to get an overall feel for your individual astrology. Then I look at what is generally predicted for the decan of your sun sign for the upcoming year. This takes care of the astrological portion. I then do a tarot reading based on the tree of life. Afterwards I draw one card to represent the overarching theme for your year to come. The final step is to compare all the information in order to form an inclusive picture of what the coming year holds. My final offer is a dual Tarot, Playing card combo for $25. This a standard Celtic Cross Tarot spread and a five card Hoodoo draw, as mentioned above I believe this combination to be more powerful than either alone.

In the upcoming weeks and months I will be offering  Jewelry, Hand Printed Art, and Miniature for sale also. All of these items will be of a sacred nature and gifts from the Heart of the Cosmic Divine. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope that you will join me for the ride. PEACE LOVE LIGHT

p.s. if you are interested in taking advantage of the Services mentioned above email me at sasquatchjones@ymail.com or message me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tao.jones.716



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